Anastasia Vladi

" medusa" shoot

It was such a pleasure to work on this project for the Fashion TV with an amazing crew. The shoot took place at New England Reptile, the largest reptile distributor in New England. Don't forget to check the video for this shoot.

Photos: Niki Lazaridou 

Model: Anna Alexandra Jonynas

Makeup & Body Art: Anastasia Vladi

​Hair: Christine Cassola 


 " M.I.T. Descience "

Boston designer Candice Wu echoed the interconnected matrix found in the body and bra in this design. Her scientific collaborator is Chris Gibson, a bioengineer who studies a rare disease called cerebral cavernous malformation. 
This photo shoot took place at The Body Worlds Exhibition Museum and our team had a goal to represent a human cell using our creative skills and talents.  
Watch the video for this shoot here

Photos: Niki Lazaridou 

Model: Diana Haney

Makeup: Anastasia Vladi

​Hair: Michael Albor & Rachel Graham   

Video: David Claar Jr.

Designer: Candice Wu Couture 


makeup artist

 WEARABLE art show

by Rimma Zaika-Veksler 

Rimma Zaika-Veksler is a Bostonian Designer. She creates beautifully crafted knitwear and jewelry. The Show took place at the closing reception of From Russia With Art  exhibit at Touch Art & Craft Gallery in Cambridge, MA.

Photo: Iggy Barskov

Models:  Olga Egorova, Elena Kollarova

Makeup: Anastasia Vladi

​Hair: Cristina Silva-Cutillo

 " Kombat " 

Another great shoot for Fashion TV, which took place in Madame Cherie's Forest and around her former castle's remains in New Hampshire. The video for this shoot you can see here.

Photos: Niki Lazaridou 

Model: Erica Almeida

Makeup & Body Art: Anastasia Vladi

​Hair: Christine Cassola  

Clothing: Candice Wu Couture 

Jewelry: House of Cach Alexa Cach

 " Eskimo "

Photos: Niki Lazaridou 

Models: Abby Scier & Ester Eva

Makeup: Anastasia Vladi

​Hair: Maura Inez Spencer
​Styling: Irina Yeguy 

Fur: M.Miller


" Skin to skin " shoot

Photos: Niki Lazaridou 

Models:  Anton Khlopotov &  Erica Almeida

Makeup & Hair: Anastasia Vladi 

Styling: Kristy Downer

​Backstage Photography: Karl Wes

EP LEVINE PhotoStudio Coordinator: Cory Despres 

 " argyros"

"Argyros" means "Silver" in ancient Greek. The shoot was created for Fashion TV as well. The video for this project is coming soon.

Photos: Niki Lazaridou 

Model: Lily Ann

Makeup & Body Art: Anastasia Vladi

​Hair: Christine Cassola  

Jewelry: collaboration House of Cach Alexa Cach

 & Miodrag Guberinic.

Styling: Corey Gomes of House Of Cach

Backstage Photography: Mike Sun

Videographer: Evan T. Perry

Exposure Place Studio: EP Levine

​Studio Coordinator: Cory Despres 

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